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"The greatest among you will be your servant". - Matthew 23:11. New Hope has a place for everyone to serve, regardless of age, skills, or interests….we can find a place for you to use your God given talents to serve the community, our congregation, or the world.
Below, you can find some of our most immediate needs. You can also call the office and let us know you'd like to serve!
We are looking for more Sunday School teachers for our elementary kids. You don’t need to have any experience, just a love for kids, a heart to help them to grow in their faith, and time to work in either the 9:30am or 11am service every other month.
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We are looking for new members of our Parking Posse. These are the folks you see waving to you as you come into the parking lot, as well as helping with traffic and parking. If you would like to be part of our first line of greeters, then let us know.
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Volunteers needed in 2 areas: Meals - We need people to bring meals for the Thursday meetings and we need childcare assistance.
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Men Entering Neighborhoods
Are you handy around the house? Can you repair things? Could you help someone move furniture? Could you help with lawn care for a week or two for someone who needs temporary help in time of need?

M.E.N., Men Entering Neighborhoods is building a strong force of superheroes that can help our New Hope family when they need an extra hand. God has called us to be witnesses and to serve others and that includes our own church community.

Be Super! Volunteer Today!
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If you don't feel like you are a fit for one of our immediate needs, we encourage you to reach out to the church office and see where you can help.
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To compellingly communicate to everyone whom God provides us the opportunity to serve, the all-absolute sufficiency of Jesus Christ who meets our every need.

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