The Gathering

Join us for a nurturing experience designed to deepen your faith and
foster genuine connections in an intimate, small-group setting.


First and Third Sunday of each month • 6 pm • The Bridge

Authentic Community

Authentic Community is the heart of our spiritual growth. The Gathering is a place to be yourself, ask questions, and find support in a welcoming, small-group environment. Whether seeking deep connections or a sense of belonging, our small-group approach allows for forging lasting friendships and mutual spiritual journeying vital to being a part of a Christian Church.

A diverse group of young adults engaged in a lively discussion during The Gathering.
Young adults raising their hands in worship during The Gathering at New Hope Church.

Bible Study

Engage in profound Bible Study sessions at The Gathering designed to facilitate deep understanding and personal reflection on the Scriptures. Led by knowledgeable facilitators, these studies provide a space for insightful discussions, question exploration, and spiritual growth.

Engaging Discussions

Sunday nights are all about active participation and personal growth. We spend time in meaningful conversations exploring various topics and Biblical teachings, facilitated by experienced leaders. These intimate, interactive sessions are ideal for sharing insights, questioning, and deepening your understanding of faith at our Christian Church.

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Monthly Schedule

Join us on the first and third Sunday nights of each month. Experience the warmth of an small community and thought-provoking study. Our gatherings are designed to provide a nurturing, small-group environment for connecting, growing, and exploring faith together, right in the heart of Clovis, CA. 

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Where Faith Meets Family

If you're searching for a Sunday night small group that combines authentic community and engaging discussions, The Gathering at New Hope Church is the place to be. Join us in Clovis and experience the transformative power of an evening spent in the presence of God and like-minded believers. We can't wait to welcome you into our vibrant community.


Our vision is to compellingly communicate to everyone whom God provides us the opportunity to serve, the all-absolute sufficiency of Jesus Christ who meets our every need.

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Where Faith Meets Family

New Hope Community Church is a thriving Christian Church located in Clovis, California, serving as a spiritual home for all those in search of faith and fellowship. As a smaller church, we enjoy our close-knit community, dynamic worship, and commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. From Bible studies to youth programs and community outreach, New Hope extends a warm welcome to anyone searching for a local Bible-based church.


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